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We are pleased to be the leading website for the manufacturing of custom pallet furniture in Cape Town.

The website and business has been operational since 2013 and we are growing at a rapid pace in terms of our clients and professional carpenters and thus our skill set.

Pallet Furniture Cape Town is a family run business and at the heart of our business is our extremely talented carpenters. Many of our carpenters have formal qualifications in engineering and other industrial sciences.

When you buy an item from Pallet Furniture Cape Town you are doing so from a reputable and credible supplier. You can feel confident that your new custom piece of furniture is safe in our hands. We invite you to get in touch so we can craft your handmade furniture with love and care.

It was fantastic being on the popular tv show Top Billing. We had a lot of fun making a furniture piece with presenter Jade Hubner. You can watch the insert on YouTube by searching "Top Billing Pallet Furniture".

We have been around a long time and thus we have proven ourselves that we can deliver a quality product at a phenomenal price.

Custom Pallet Furniture

Custom Pallet Furniture
You can send us a photo of an item you want us to make along with the dimensions. We will then quote you on the item and provide you with options such as varnish, staining, painting etc.


Once our professional carpenters have made your item, delivery to your door can be arranged. This is a separate service and quote.

Free Quotes

Free Quotes
Feel free to engage us with your ideas, we are happy to take the time out to quote you for your brand new pallet furniture item. Call or email us.
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